Board Members

Board meetings are held monthly to tend to administrative business for Infertility & Adoption Support, Inc. (IAS). Please email us for time and location details as they are subject to change.

Board positions are for one year. The term starts in January and ends in December. Elections are to be held in the fourth quarter of the preceding year for which the positions will be held. To run for and hold one of these positions, you must be a member in good standing of IAS for at least three months.

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Meet Our Board Members

Sarah Barth, Webmaster

Sarah and her husband underwent over two years of infertility treatments in their journey to become parents. Throughout multiple failed IVF attempts, IAS was a much needed emotional support system for them, and they have made new friendships likely to last a lifetime. They now have two sons, both born through IVF. Read Sarah’s story »

Beth Dokovic, Treasurer

Beth and her husband began trying to have a family in 2010. After two years of fertility treatments, Beth got pregnant with her son. They then decided that they would like to adopt and began attending the IAS adoption support group meetings. These meetings provided them with support and information to begin the adoption process. An added bonus is the friends they have met in these meetings. In March 2014 they adopted their son. They are now proud parents to two beautiful sons. Read Beth’s story »

Alison Gioia, Vice-President & Outreach Coordinator

Alison and her husband struggled for several years to build their family. After one IUI and three IVF cycles, they decided that being parents was more important than experiencing a pregnancy. After attending the IAS Adoption Support Group, they began pursuing domestic newborn adoption. They received great support and advice at IAS meetings and they both feel lucky to have met so many amazing couples through the group. They are proud parents to a beautiful daughter. Read Alison’s story »

Christine Kleinschmidt, L.Ac., Professional Liaison

Christine is a licensed acupuncturist devoted to helping her patients achieve health and wellness with Traditional Chinese Medicine. A significant portion of her private practice is devoted to women’s health and infertility. Christine has been involved with IAS for several years and has been a speaker at meetings covering alternative treatments for infertility.


Julia Maki, General Board Member

Julia and her husband started trying to have a baby in 2011. They had a series of early miscarriages over the next three years and found support through IAS as they considered whether to continue trying to get pregnant or begin the adoption process. Julia’s seventh pregnancy was eventually successful, and they now have a lovable and amazing daughter. Read Julia’s story »

Danielle Pennel, Adoption Support Group Coordinator

Danielle and Paul endured three years of infertility treatments without a successful pregnancy. They then decided that it was more important for them to become parents rather than to become pregnant. After pursuing domestic, newborn adoption, they are now proud parents to two wonderful sons and a beautiful daughter.

Kate Robertson, Secretary & Social Media Coordinator

Kate and her husband found the adoption support group meetings through IAS to be such an integral and helpful part in researching adoption, asking questions, finding support, and talking with other couples/individuals who were also going through the process or had already adopted. They also formed many lasting friendships with other couples through IAS. Kate and her husband adopted their daughter through domestic newborn adoption in March of 2013. They recently adopted a second child in February of 2016. Read Kate’s story »