Infertility Support

The Infertility Support Group meeting is where we share, laugh, support, vent and listen to the various issues experienced around infertility. Whether you have just found out that you have a problem getting pregnant or you have already been through it all, this meeting is for you!

“I had felt completely isolated and alone until I found the IAS Infertility Support Group. Meeting with other individuals who understood my struggle helped me to cope much more effectively with the strain of infertility. I will forever appreciate the support that IAS provided.”
– Kristen

There are no set topics for these meetings. We talk about whatever is on people’s minds. And if you don’t feel like sharing but just want to come listen, that’s perfectly fine too. The main purpose of these meetings is to support one another during our infertility journey.

These meetings are for couples or individuals. Men and women are welcome to attend.

This group is facilitated by Infertility and Adoption Support leaders.

All support meetings are free and open to the public.
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