“The amount of information that we learned by attending the Adoption Support Group meetings is far greater than what we could have read about or researched online.”
– Mary Beth


“It was a big step for me to attend my first adoption support group meeting. However, once there I immediately felt a connection with these women and finally felt understood.”
– Marcia


“It’s hard to express how important IAS was to me while we were waiting for our daughter. I looked forward to every support group and found such common ground among all the other participants, even though we were all pursuing different paths to parenthood. Thanks to IAS, I now have a network of cherished friends who all understand just what it feels like to build a family through adoption — I honestly don’t know what I would do without them!”
– Heather



“I can’t begin to describe how much the Infertility Support Group meetings helped me gain control of the emotional roller coaster I was on during my infertility treatments. At a time when I thought no one could understand what I was going through, these women shared their stories and experiences showing me that I was not in this journey alone.”
– Aleta


“It was amazing how my husband could tell me something a million times but when I heard it from another woman who was experiencing infertility I took it as gospel. Being around other women who really got ‘it’ was what I needed at my lowest times.”
– Danielle


“I had felt completely isolated and alone until I found the IAS Infertility Support Group. Meeting with other individuals who understood my struggle helped me to cope much more effectively with the strain of infertility. I will forever appreciate the support that IAS provided.”
– Kristen


“After attending the Infertility Support Group meetings, I was amazed at how much easier it was to talk about my infertility issues to a group of strangers than it was with my family and friends.”
– Marcia