“Stories of…” Seminars

“Stories of…” Seminars offer a chance to network, socialize, ask questions of those who have been through infertility and/or adoption and provide additional emotional support.

Each meeting will cover a new topic with speakers sharing their personal stories.

Lifelong friendships start here!

All support meetings are free and open to the public.
Upcoming “Stories of…” Seminars



Note that speakers and topics are subject to change.

Past Topics


  • February 18: Navigating the Fertility Journey with Dr. Kenan R. Omurtag
  • May 19: I want to adopt a baby…Now what??
  • August 18: Coping with the ‘New Normal with Justine Brooks Froelker
  • November 17: You have decided to adopt, which route should you take?


  • February 26: All Your Infertility Questions Answered
  • April 30: You’ve adopted! Now what?
  • September 24: Newborn Care for Adopting Parents
  • November 19: Surviving the Holidays


  • February 27: Infertility and Miscarriage: New Concepts and Thoughts on Diagnostics and Therapies
  • April 24: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Stories of Adoption
  • September 25: Stories of Adoption: After the Adoption Match


  • February 28: Keeping Your Relationship Strong
  • April 25: IVF Behind the Scenes with the St. Louis Sher Fertility Clinic
  • June 27: The Ins and Outs of Domestic Newborn Adoption
  • August 22: Third Party Reproduction
  • October 17: Open Adoption


  • February 23: Decision Points: Being Your Own Advocate
  • April 26: Third Party Reproduction
  • June 28: Adoption
  • August 23: Infertility Treatments: A Doctor’s Perspective
  • October 25: How to Survive the Holidays
  • December 13: Adoption


  • March 24: Decision Points: A Fork in the Road
  • May 23: Third Party Reproduction
  • July 28: Adoption
  • September 22: Alternative Treatments
  • November 16: Helping Friends and Family Through the Holidays


  • February 25: Personal Journeys in Infertility and Adoption
  • April 28: Seeking Out Resources for Support and Information
  • June 23: Domestic Adoption
  • September 22: How to Survive Infertility and/or Adoption Without Killing Your Partner
  • November 17: How to Handle Family and Friends During the Holiday Season


  • January: How to Survive Infertility Without Killing Your Partner
  • Febuary: Adoption
  • March: Regaining Control of Your Life While Dealing with Infertility or Adoption
  • April: Third Party Reproduction
  • May: Surviving a Loss in Infertility or Adoption
  • June: Infertile Parents Wishing for Another Child
  • August: Getting Nowhere with Treatment. Should we continue or move on?
  • September: How to Help Your Friends and Family Survive YOUR Infertility or Adoption Journey
  • October: Alternative Treatments for Infertility
  • November: How to Survive the Holiday Season


  • January: Infertility in Your 30’s and 40’s
  • February: International Adoption: Your Options
  • March: Tips and Strategies on How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship During Infertility and Adoption
  • April: We’re Not Done Yet! Stories of Infertile Parents Wishing for Another Child
  • May: New Trends in Infertility Treatments (Acupuncture, Yoga, Massage, etc.)
  • June: Successful Domestic Adoptions
  • August: Surviving a Loss
  • September: How to Help Your Friends and Family Survive YOUR Infertility or Adoption Journey
  • October: How to Survive in a Fertile World During the Holiday Season


  • February: How to Survive Infertility Without Killing Each Other
  • March: Surviving a Loss in Infertility and Adoption
  • April: Coping with Infertility in a Fertile World
  • May: Alternative Treatments for Infertility
  • June: Third Party Reproduction
  • July: Finding Humor in Infertility
  • August: IUI and IVF
  • September: Success in Infertility and/or Adoption
  • October: Untold Stories of Adoption
  • November: Surviving Family During the Holiday Madness